Play like PROs. Explore a dark Labyrinth or the ruins of the legendary Aztecs.

Laser game Praha

  • 2 arenas

    Our Arenas offer unlimited fun. Walk into a dark Labyrinth or visit a historical area of Aztec ruins.

  • Many types of games

    Enjoy the game at full blast, the boredom is gone. Our Arenas are a source of  unlimited fun and offer you new possibilities in laser tag

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    See how it looks at our place. You can play all year round, we are just waiting for you.

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  • Parking

    You can park easily at our place at Ocelářská 17 or in the free of charge parking area at the  shopping mall Galerie Harfa (4 hours for free, than 50Kč/hour).

  • Gift Cards

    Give unforgettable fun-filled action as a gift. Please those close to you and give them a massive piece of fun. A great present for everyone

  • Membership

    Our membership pays off. Here is special price for you