Members card

Would you like to play for 79 CZK all the time? No matter if student or adult.
Get our Members card!

You have to collect all 15 stamps on Loyalty card. One game = 1 stamp. Even now you get every 5th game for free. When you have all the stamps you can get our Members card.

Members card

Did you get all 15 stamps on Loaylty card?

Would you like to play more often for less?

Would you like to use your own special nickname for games? 

Would you like to meet more people who enjoy laser game?

If you answer yes, members card is right for you. You get:

• Your own Members card with your own unique nick name

• Price 79 CZK per game always

• Priority booking on night game events (Laser game nights)

• Cheeper entrance for such an events

Membership rules

• Once you get it, you have to have your members card with you

How to become a Member?

• You have to get 15 stamps on Loyalty card

• You will be asked to fill in easy registration form (Name, Email, phone number)

Loyalty card rules

1. Ask for your stamps when you pay. We cant give you stamps later.

2. You cant combine stamps from more Loyalty cards

3.  You can get stamps only for games that you personally played