Game Agents


This popular game involves a lot of running. If you are wanting to try something different from the  Classic Death Match, but you don’t want to play in teams, try Agents.
It is played with a minimum of five players.
At the beginning of the game all players are indicated in the color blue, once the game starts, the system randomly selects Agent/s (depending on number of players in the arena ) .
The agent color is red. You earn points based on the time spent alive in the arena as the agent.
Blue players don’t shoot each other. Their task is to shoot the Agent and steal the red mode. The goal is to be an agent as long as possible. The agent can shoot blue players to defends his/herself.
Shield: Agent has 2 hits / Other players without shield
Respawn : Automatically in 5 seconds
Weapons : Blaster , Phaser
Ammo : Unlimited
Arena : Labyrinth , Aztec

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