Game Zombies


In this game people and zombies stand against each other. It is played with a minimum of five players.
At the beginning of the game vests are red. After starting the game, zombies are randomly selected by the computer.
Zombies are marked in green, if you are a zombie, your job is to find the rest of the people and turn them into zombies. However, people are equipped with a powerful shield. Zombies can and should join forces to hunt people together.
If everyone in the arena is "infected", the game will reset and start again. All players will start as people again and zombies are again chosen randomly.
The goal of the game is to try to stay human as long as possible.
Shield: People 4 hits / Zombies 2 hits
Respawn: Under the blue gate / or automatically in 10 seconds
Weapons: Blaster, Phaser / zombies have only a Zombie bite
Ammo: Unlimited
Arena: Labyrinth, Aztec

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